Last Victim Of The Monsoon Express (2019) by Vaseem Khan

As tensions run high between India and Pakistan, an attempt is made at a reconciliation. The Monsoon Express is to travel from Mumbai to the heart of Pakistan, carrying diplomats from both countries. With the media spotlight shining on the historic train journey, there is also a fair number of celebrities in attendance – and to take care of security, former Mumbai police Inspector Chopra, now a private detective. Oh, and his partner Ganesh – a baby elephant!

When a diplomat is murdered in his cabin, tensions soon rocket out of control. Was the motive for the death political or personal? With the assumption of the former, the peace process is likely to be derailed unless Chopra can unmask the killer before the train reaches the end of the line…

Just a quick review this one – I read this a month or so ago and forgot to do the review, only to remember when I reviewed another train mystery. It’s a much more traditional mystery novel that that one – well, it’s a novella, not a novel – and it’s a very enjoyable one at that.

There’s a nice collection of suspects, an interesting sleuth and while I’d like to have some idea about how big (or small) a baby elephant is – would it really fit in comfortably in a luggage car? As the elephant is an integral part of the series, clearly Ganesh needed to be part of it, and it’s such a fun read, it’s easy to suspend disbelief a tad.

The motive seems to come out of nowhere and there isn’t a great number of clues to spot, but for a 99p ebook, this is definitely worth a try.

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