The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month – March 2022

It’s April and rather than fooling you, it’s time to summarise my reading for the month. What can I recommend, and what can I recommend avoiding? This is going to be briefer than most of these posts, as I’m down one finger when it comes to typing, due to an accident with a bean slicer.

Just re-read that, and in case you’re worried, I still have ten fingers – I just have a wound on the end of my left index finger that means I can’t put pressure on it by doing things like typing. It caused no end of woe in the household last night when it started oozing through the plaster during an especially tense race in Mario Kart…

So, the books in question are:

Book of the month… now this is genuinely difficult, as they all have their flaws, even the good ones. I try and make a point of not giving the Puzzly to a re-read, so sorry Dame Agatha. It’s a toss-up – The Hanging Tree might have snuck it if it wasn’t for the B-plot of the book that never quite married up for me with the main story… oh, what the heck, you won’t be able to read it for a couple of years (presuming we get that far) but it’s the last but one time I can do this. Yes, the Puzzly goes to The Doll’s Done Dancing – it’s not his best, but it’s a very entertaining read showing off all of Brian’s strengths.

Next month, I need to read some great books. Not just good, but great. Not sure where I’m going to find them, but it feels like a while since I read a really great book. Cross your finger for me, will you?

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