The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month – September 2022

Right, this is going to be a quick one – September was a pretty crappy month chez Puzzle Doctor, so I’m not going to spend too long dissecting my reading.

The books that I’ve read were:

Oh, I also read the Miss Marple stories in Miss Marple’s Final Cases, but didn’t write a review on that subset of a collection. I also watched See How They Run – twice! – a marvellous fun film, although on second watching, I’m having some serious concerns about a central theme… but there be spoilers, so moving on…

I’ll be honest, this one is tricky as no book blew me away this month. I really enjoyed The Summer Birdcage, but it’s not really a whodunit, more an historical thriller. The Crime Of The Century is a fascinating read, but I think I’ll nudge the Puzzly in the direction of Glyn Carr and Death On Milestone Buttress. It’s not the best in the series that I’ve read, but Filthy Lewker has been excellent company while it’s felt like someone has been driving a nail into the side of my mouth. A shame he’s gone away for a bit… although I do have two more on the shelf. Hmmm…


  1. An old friend just graciously described SEE HOW THEY RUN as “my second favorite comic take predicated on the Mousetrap legal stipulations.” I don’t know how entirely sincere he was, but he does know how to maintain a friendship.

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      • Book Depository (my constant source for getting books from UK to US) had this one and one other (can’t remember which) at a reasonable price, making it an even better one to start with. Off topic, thanks for the ‘follow’ on Twitter. You’ll find me very boring there right now as I have no patience for anything but cute cat photos, mostly.

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