A Brief Diversion – Calling All (UK) Puzzlers

Apologies for the diversion, but I’m not going to talk about mystery novels this time. It’s my blog, and I can make the rules… OK, just to keep the theme going, don’t forget to buy the Mervyn Stone books when they come out in paperback – they’re fantastic (here, here and here) and the author was kind enough to put a link to my blog on his website – thanks Nev!

Anyway, back to the point. I’m a member of the UK Puzzle Association, and captained the UK team at the World Puzzle Championship in 2008 and 2010. To put it simply, we’re recruiting! I figure that there should be a reasonable overlap between mystery fans and puzzlers, so I thought I’d put a note about it here. If you’re not from the UK, keep reading, there’s some links to get some free puzzles later.

First of all, we’re talking about non-verbal puzzles, so no crosswords. Sudoku would be a good example, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. A good place to start looking is at the Logicmasters India website. There is a monthly puzzle competition, linked to from the main page about a week or so in advance, and you can find old competitions on the site – this is January’s Puzzle Jackpot, (links to the puzzle booklet and instructions at the top of the page) and there are links to old competitions on the right if you scroll down. There’s a competition this weekend (12th/13th March) as well – click here for Puzzle Hybrid information. You do have to register with the LMI, but it’s free and harmless.

So if you’re interested, the qualification process for the team is detailed here:

To summarise though, you can qualify by:

Getting the top UK score in the UK Puzzle Championship (June)

Getting the top US score in the US Puzzle Championship (June-ish)

Getting one of the top scores in the UK League, which will involve entering three out of four of the April to July LMI competitions.

There’s loads more puzzle information on the UK Puzzle Forum, and loads of people more than willing to answer any questions. Or just send me a comment, of course.

Apologies for the interruption – normal blogging services will be resumed with the next post.

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