Normal Service Will Be Resumed…

… in a couple of week’s time.

Regular readers may have noticed that there hasn’t been a post for a week, and there probably won’t be one for another ten days or so. As most of you can testify, moving house can be a bit of a distraction and that’s what I’m up to. In between shredding eight years of paperwork, packing, repacking, unpacking cats, etc, there’s not much time to read and even less time to blog about reading.

So, expect the random bletherings to recommence around 25th July-ish. I know what will be among the reviews, as I’ve packed most of my books! So, A Cursed Inheritance by Kate Ellis, A Moorland Hanging by Michael Jecks, The Dragon’s Teeth by Ellery Queen, The Assassins of Isis by Paul Doherty and Lost and Fondue by Avery Aames. Probably. Plus some random stuff from the Kindle – didn’t pack that!

See you in a couple of weeks!


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