A Cursed Inheritance by Kate Ellis

A Cursed InheritanceRight, I’m back. Newly ensconced in a house full of boxes and the nice people from BT have connected the broadband, so hopefully, the reviews are back. Hurrah! With the various hassles of the move, I’ve managed three books in the last fortnight – all from old favourite authors, Jeffrey Deaver, Michael Jecks and this one from Kate Ellis.

In 1985, the Harford family were massacred at Potwoolstan Hall, the killer thoughtfully turning the gun on themselves when their work was done. Needless to say, when a journalist starts to investigate the details of the crime, it seems that things weren’t as open and shut as they seemed when he is found dead.

The Hall is now a healing centre, but as DI Wesley Peterson investigates, more and more people who are staying or living at the hall seem to have ties to the crime in the past. But as the deaths continue, can he find the truth about both the past and the present?

I’m going to be honest, here. This was a good read, both clearly and cleverly plotted, with some good twists. There’s a lot going on and, as ever with Kate Ellis, it would be a better reader than I to put everything together.

But don’t read this in exceptionally small chunks while being distracted by packing your life into boxes. Otherwise you’ll repeated lose track of who’s who and who did what. This is most definitely not a criticism of the book – as you’ll recall from many previous reviews, I’m a big fan of Kate’s and I really wish that I’d read this properly.

So please, do spend some time reading this properly – it’s definitely worth it and, despite my inability to focus, comes Highly Recommended.


  1. I love Kate Charles and haven’t read anything of hers in a long time because of the cost of the books here in the States at one time. Is this a new book? Will have to get my Kindle fired up and catch up with what I’ve missed. I’m all unpacked, settled in for the most part, so I can read this mystery properly, as Puzzle Doctor suggests. Thanks for this review


  2. Welcome back and I hope you are settling in nicely and thanks for the ever-positive review of Ellis as I am about to embark on some of your reccommendation very shortly once I find her book in my new place – I’m still unpacking after two and a half weeks (it’s tough being only able to do this after work of course) but I plan to get it all done by the weekend!


    • Luckily I could move in my long summer holidays. I do need to ration what I’m unpacking – we’re renting for a while before buying hence another move – but things should be back to normal soon. I hope.


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