Top Five Underappreciated Authors – My Three Year Blogiversary Post

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun… it’s my three-year blogiversary today (which I only noticed when WordPress told me), but I felt that it deserved a little post to celebrate.  355 books reviewed, 481 posts (including this one) including a number of TV reviews, I can’t quite believe that I’ve written so much.

So, what to put in this post – I’ve kind of run of out of authors to do Top Fives of…

I know – top five underappreciated authors – underappreciated by me that is. Allow me to explain.

In my time writing this blog, there are many authors who I’ve come across, either by recommendation, by review request or by accident (usually a cheap/free Kindle purchase) whose book I’ve really enjoyed. I make promises that I’ll review the next one soon and then… either an age goes by before the next one, or that age is still going by. So this post is going to be a bit of a shout out (and apology) for those authors. Not that some of them need the recommendation of a little blog like mine, but every little helps.

Yes, I know, I’m supposed to be doing a Queen bibliography, but it’s ground to halt many times and has done so again. Part of the problem is the need to re-read some books that I didn’t particularly love the first time round. I promise I’ll get back on this in the new year… probably.

The last book I reviewed, in fact, but I’ve always enjoyed the not-to-everyone’s-taste humour in the Logan MacRae series and the way that he still weaves a whodunit into the format of the police procedural. Next in the series after Shatter The Bones coming soon – and then I might just go back to the beginning.

The Tom Thorne books are an outstanding series, and I can’t quite believe that the most recent one is sitting on my shelf and has been for ages. My weak and feeble excuse is that it’s an airport copy and I don’t really like reading over-sized books… but that doesn’t excuse not reading Rush Of Blood on my Kindle.

Basically the reaction I always have after reading one of Michael’s books is to ask myself what took me so long to get round to reading the book. And he’s such a friendly chap on twitter too…

  • A Dead Heat Between…

Dana Stabenow, Bernadette Pajer, Bill Pronzini (can’t quite believe I haven’t read one of his novels since Hoodwink), Jeffrey Marks, Ashley Gardner, Christopher Fowler (and so many people have recommended The Memory of Blood), S J Parris, Christianna Brand, S J Bolton, Kerry Wilkinson…

So, dear author, if you’re reading this, I promise to get round to you again in the new year. Coming soon, by the way, another Dickens murder mystery from Christopher Lord, hopefully the promised Santa Klaus Murder and a review of the resolution of the Red John story from the Mentalist. In the meantime, have some virtual blogday cake!


  1. Happy Blogiversary! Your posts are always fun, friendly, and full of insights. Thanks for the great blog. And don’t give up on that Queen biography. He is under appreciated and better than people remember. Keep up the good work. Cheers!


  2. Happy Blogiversary! My how the three years have flown. Love your posts–even if I don’t comment on them as much as I should (those flying years seem to suck up more and more of my time somehow…).


    • In part, apart from my general rubbishness, it’s due to still not finding a decent replacement for Google Reader for my computer. I’ve found myself missing loads of good posts from the blogs that I follow. Maybe I should just subscribe directly…


      • But doesn’t WordPress send you updates on the latest posts from its blogs that you are subscribing too? I get email notifications as well as pings on my wordpress reader


      • No emails and no pings – not sure that I’m using WordPress Reader properly though… I’ve been through all the settings and I should get notifications – but don’t for whatever reason…


  3. Congrats for completing 3 years of blogging.
    I have read all books by Ellery Queen and I will be definitely interested to read your reviews on them.
    I have read only one book by Stuart Macbride, but some of the features there were not to my taste.
    Both Mark Billingham and Michael Jecks are unknown to me. However, if I see an interesting review on their books, I will certainly have a go at them.


    • Jecks is a historical mystery writer – possibly not to your taste – and Billingham is a like a less-sweary version of MacBride – a description which sells both authors short, but you know what I mean. Police procedural/thriller wrapped around a mystery. Most of them have an element of whodunit to them. Probably more your thing, but still a long way from the “classic” style of Halter


      • You are correct that historical mysteries are not to my taste.It is for this reason that I have not read any Paul Doherty despite your very high recommendations. However, I shall try Billingham.


  4. Congratulations, your views are always interesting and amusing. I’ve just finished the last Sister Fidelma, and as I’ve completed Michael Jecks, Susanna Gregory, Kate Sedley, Andrea Camilleri and most of Paul Doherty’s many series I’m not sure what I will have for Christmas reading! Don’t you hate it when you finish an interesting series?


    • The last two Amerotke and Swinbrooke novels (both Doherty) are being left on the shelf until I’m desperate to read them, and Tremayne is being rationed. Must get back to Gregory at some point, as I really didn’t get on with A Plague On Both Your Houses but she is very popular in the genre. Sedley is one who is about to get started – Death And The Chapman is on my bedside table and should be along soon. And the one Camilleri that I read showed that it really wasn’t my sort of thing… (the review’s somewhere on the blog)


  5. Happy third year of blogging. I was interested to hear that you like Mark Billingham’s books a lot. I have had Sleepy Head forever, and keep putting it off. I guess I should push myself to read it.


    • Sleepyhead is a great debut novel – very strong, as are the next two as well. The series dips a couple of times – The Burning Girl, although something very important happens in this one – and From The Dead, but as they are dips below a very high standard, they’re still good reads.


      • Well, you have definitely piqued my interest in this series and I will plan to read the first one in 2014. So I am very glad you featured it in this post.


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