A Dark And Twisted Tide by Sharon Bolton

A-Dark-and-Twisted-TideLacey Flint has spent the last three books bouncing from trauma to trauma, but, having resigned from CID, life as a river policeman seems to be a perfect choice for her. Things can’t possibly go wrong…

… until her sort-of boyfriend vanishes into an undercover assignment that has put him at odds with his colleagues. Someone is stalking Lacey along the river, leaving messages for her on her houseboat. And when the first body, shrouded in linen, floats to the surface, things are going to go even further downhill. Or down river, I suppose…

Book Four of the Lacey Flint series, an extremely strong series of thrillers with a fascinating central character. The previous three novels – Now You See Me, Dead Scared and Like This, For Ever – were excellent thrillers, full of twists and surprises with well-hidden villains. Sharon (previously S.J.) Bolton has created a unique heroine in Lacey, who is, admittedly, the unluckiest lead in mystery fiction –  needless to say, there is more tragedy to come for her this time as well.

As the story progresses, we also follow Lacey’s ex- boss Dana Tulloch with her investigation into the bodies (or course there’s more than one in the river) as well as Lacey, who naturally cannot resist her own desire to find justice for the murdered girls. As readers of the series know, Lacey is a woman with dark secrets, and for the first time, someone comes close to finding out the truth about her, a truth that could cause no end of trouble if the wrong people discover it.

Bolton is a master at misdirection and I’m pretty sure that the finale will surprise most readers. Admittedly this isn’t a fairly clued mystery but it doesn’t try to be and it doesn’t need to be either. It’s another great read in a compelling series – the only proviso is that the book is best appreciated if read as pat of the series.

This review is Book 9 of my attempt at Readathon UK for the school where I work – ten books between 6th Feb and 5th March. If you want to make a donation to the children’s charities that they support, then please visit their Just Giving page.



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