The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month – April 2015

April is all but gone. I’m one year older, I’ve ticked off a few more US states (up to 24 now, frustrating short of the halfway mark), and have been swamped with work since the Easter break – the joy of being a teacher during exam season. But the trip to the US –  a round trip from Ohio to Tennessee – gave me a lot of time for reading, especially the six hours waiting around in Newark for my connection.

So, mostly due to the holiday, I’ve racked up ten books, despite only getting about halfway through one in the last week or so. Sorry if you’re waiting on a review from me – I’m working on it, promise. But as for the ten books, which of them is going to earn the Puzzly – the In Search Of The Classic Mystery Novel Book Of The Month for April 2015?

The books this month were:

Going to have to cite the “you’ve won it before” tie-breaker. So sorry to Mark Billingham, for a superb new outing for Tom Thorne, and sorry to Michael Jecks for the medieval bloodbath that is The Mad Monk Of Gidleigh, but this month the Puzzly is going to J A Lang for the wonderful Chef Maurice and A Spot Of Truffle. A dazzling debut – very funny and a proper mystery to boot. An absolute cracker and roll on Book Two – coming very soon.

Right off to do some more work…


  1. The Chef Maurice mystery is not the type I would usually consider, but you have convinced me to give it a try. It may be a while, but I will get there.


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