The Best Hercule Poirot Novel – Round Three

And now it’s time for Round Three! Including Cards On The Table, which I missed out last time (thanks to Santosh for spotting it) which may have given it an easier draw this time.

NB: Voting is now over. Click here for the final round.

Albert Finney

As before, vote for one (you can’t do anything else) and the top two go through to the final vote next week.

Round One and Round Two are still live, but I’ve removed the ability to peek at the results so far. I don’t want sympathy votes for neglected books… Round Four, the last nine books, is also running – and should be running until March 23rd.


    • Just so JJ will stop sulking – Sad Cypress? Really?

      Actually, at time of writing there are only three books with no votes. If that remains, I might have a little competition to guess which three they are. I can almost guarantee that nobody would guess all three…


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