The Best Hercule Poirot Novel – Round Two

I was going to do these weekly, but with Round One proving very popular – and Rounds Three and Four now available, I thought I’d bring things forward. So here’s Round Two – the next eight Poirot novels, chronologically speaking, for you to pick your favourite. And if you thought it was hard to pick one of two or three last time… If I was sensible, I’d have seeded this somehow – but this is much more fun.

NB: Voting is now over. Click here for the final round.


This will be up for a week – until 23 March 2016 – best two go through to the final to determine the best Poirot ever. Obviously, these will be the official results and therefore nobody can argue with it. Ever.

And don’t bother clicking on the “Show Results” bit – I’ve hidden those to keep the surprise…

Oops. As Santosh pointed out, I’ve missed out Cards On The Table. That’ll be in Round 3.


  1. It was difficult for me. I had given three of them exactly the same rating in my recent rereads. I had to go back and refresh myself on my reviews to see which one I’d weigh more heavily for this….


  2. This is hard, I thought, because I found most of the titles somewhat middling, and therefore were neck-to-neck in terms of my overall opinion of them.


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