The Best Hercule Poirot Novel – The Final

And so the results of the first round of voting are in – although the polls still seem to be running, despite having a life of one week on them, oddly. I’ll keep them open for now, but the results as to which books go through to the final are pretty clear.

PoirotI’m not going to say which book came first and second in each round just yet – just to keep the suspense going – but below are the top two books from each round.


Yes, that’s eleven books. Two reasons – one is due to a dead heat, the other due to my mistake. As Santosh pointed out to me, I put Cards On The Table in the wrong round, pushing Hercule Poirot’s Christmas into the wrong one as well. Looking at the scores, there are a couple of possible books that could have come second in their round if the books had been in the right place – so I’ve given them the benefit of the doubt.

I’ll let this one run for another week – results on March 31st. So vote now!

By the way, for those of you who inquired, two of the ones that I voted for myself are still in the running…


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