The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month – June 2016

Well, it’s a bit early this month, but I’m off for a conference in a day or so, and I’ll doubt I’ll get a chance to post anything before the end of the month after today, so, if you’re one of those people who set their calendar by the announcement of the Puzzly, you have been warned.

Only nine books this month – a bit low for me – and it means that I’ve got a little bit of work ahead of me to catch up with my 20 Books Of Summer schedule. Only four so far… On top of that, I’ve wittered on about Paul Halter and this year’s Bodies From The Library conference. But which of the nine books gets the Book Of The Month award?

The books in question were:

Right – three solidly entertaining Rhode/Burton outings there, each one quite different, although the other Golden Age outing, The Floating Admiral, was a bit of a disappointment. A fascinating read, but not exactly a complete success. As for the modern books, Daisy In Chains was an effective twisty-turny thriller (although you do have to Sinking Admiralsuspend disbelief a bit) and Death Invites You was one of the better Paul Halter outings. But for the first time, the Puzzly has been earned by a single page. The Sinking Admiral is a hugely entertaining read but there is one section – and I wouldn’t dream of spoiling it – that just has to walk away with the award. So congratulations to the Detection Club – and in particular Len Tyler because I know he wrote that bit – The Sinking Admiral is the Book of the Month.

Next month – more from the 20 Books Of Summer, more from the British Library, and, of course, more John Rhode…

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