Competition Time – Name Your Prize!

Right, I’m off on holiday, up to Scotland for a week monster-hunting. Admittedly our cottage overlooks the wrong loch, but there are apparently otters to see instead.
But I’d hate to leave you loyal readers with nothing to do, so it’s time for the first ever competition on the blog. There’s a real prize as well, a hardback copy of… well, that’s kind of the point. You name the book, you win it!

I’ll give a few clues –

  • I’ve reviewed it on the blog
  • I’ve reviewed more than one book by this author
  • I reviewed the book over two years ago
  • It concerns the murders of the member of a jury
  • It’s set in England
  • The murderer in question is referred to by a nickname (which I’m not going to say because you can Google it.)

That’ll do for now. One guess per day per person in the comments section and whoever guesses it correctly will win the copy (ex-library, slightly battered, perfectly readable) which I will post to anywhere in the world (by the cheapest possible method).


      • That was going to be my guess too, although I wasn’t sure. My method: I did a Google site search on your blog for “jury” and there were only two results – and one of them you really hated!


      • It’s a nice idea for a competition. Sorry we solved it so quickly! If you ran something like it again I think giving a clue a day, getting increasingly less vague, would fix the format. Otherwise there’s not really much room for guessing.


      • Yeah, I figured that out once you got it so quickly. I dodged around other obvious phrases but didn’t twig “jury” would be enough. Next time, I’ll be more careful… Oh, DM me your address via twitter and I’ll post the book when I get back. I’ll expect a review at sone point…

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  1. Okay, I’m ready to enter the competi- what the hey?? Hmm, should’ve gotten up earlier here in America! Well, have a lovely vacation in Scotland.


  2. I saw this first thing I got up in the morning and it was already over! (Not that I would have got it.) Maybe the next time you can take time zones into account, or perhaps give advance warning. I will stay up all night if necessary! (Well, maybe not.)


    • It’ll never fit everyone’s time zones n doing for the UK makes the postage more likely to be cheaper 😃

      I’ve another plan for a different competition soon though. Should be a little fairer and less googleable.


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