The House Of Eyes by Kate Ellis

House Of EyesLeanne Hatman wanted to be a model. She dreamed of the bright lights of London. But her father was concerned that Barney Yelland, a local photographer that had been working with her, had been stalking her, planning to take advantage. And now Leanne seems to have vanished into thin air…

Everything seems to centre around the hotel where Leanne worked, Eyecliffe Castle, once the home of the wealthy D’Arles family who have more than their fair share of secrets, (literally) buried in the past. But as a haunting tale from the distant past begins to take shape and bodies are found in the grounds of the Castle, a shocking murder takes place as a body is found apparently shot by a crossbow.

As Wesley Peterson and his team investigate, he finds himself distracted by a personal tragedy. But with a dangerous killer on the loose, can he afford to be distracted?

Book Twenty of one of my favourite series, combining, as ever, a tale from the past (a diary concerning a family’s ill-fated attempt at the Grand Tour), a crime from the recent past and a present-day series of murders, all of which may or may not be related.

It’s really quite hard to write something fresh about Kate’s work, especially this series – I always want to write the same about the complex plotting linking characters in unexpected ways until the surprising conclusion. What’s most impressive is how she keeps the stories feeling fresh, and not just by changing the historical elements. Twenty books in, and there are still surprises to be had in the stories and for a while, I was completely wrong-footed by assuming that she was playing the same trick as in an earlier book – she wasn’t, obviously. There’s a very subtle bit of subverting of expectations here…

There are some deeply chilling moments in this one, as well. The story related from the past contains some horrible events with a frightening hint of reality about them – if you read the Acknowledgements at the end, you’ll see that they were based on fact, which is rather terrifying now that I think about it…

An extremely strong entry in one of my favourite series. Needless to say, it’s Highly Recommended.

Oh, and before I forget – many thanks to my local library. Picked up both this and The Steel Kiss from there. Must remember to use it more…


  1. Hello Puzzle Doctor, I’m only two books into this series so far, I enjoyed both of them.Anyway, another well written review.


  2. Hello Puzzle Doctor, yes my reading has slowed down lately. l will have to devote more time to it again with all the authors you’ve got me interested in.


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