Doc On The Box – Scream – The Hallowe’en Special

scream-halloween_0What do you do if you’re the survivors from not one but two masked serial-killer rampages in your home-town when Hallowe’en comes around? Luckily, when two of your number decide to take advantage of an invitation (which clearly has TRAP written all over it) to research a century-old mystery on a holiday island, it gives the ideal opportunity to get out of town. Of course, when our heroes get to the island, it seems that the “mystery” centred around a masked serial killer who had a preference for killing her victims with a pair of garden shears.

Of course, this all happened 100 years ago. There’s absolutely no possibility that somebody is going to steal the mask from a museum and start a new killing spree… obviously not.

Well, I’ve praised the first two series of the Scream TV series and while I think this Hallowe’en special technically counts as the last episode of series two, it’s a distinct standalone story – apart from the prologue and epilogue, this has nothing, really, to do with the main story. It’s a sidestep in the big story – and, to be honest, it didn’t really work for me.

The second series started with only three of the central cast really being above suspicion but now there are too many who a) can’t really be counted as suspects and b) are clearly series regulars and won’t be under serious threat. The first series really felt like anything goes but I’d heartily recommend series three starts by killing one of the five (?) main actors. As such, all of the victims here and the suspects are new characters for the tale, and while there is an attempt to make the tale worthwhile by giving some mild character development to one character (by basically giving a reason for her not to be still traumatised at the start of the next season), it feels more like a very messy episode of Scooby Doo than anything else, completely with secret passages and flashes of lightning. Actually, that’s not fair, as some episodes of Scooby Doo have more coherent plots than this.

There’s an attempt to tie the (blindingly obvious) killer’s motives to the main thread but it’s pretty weak, along with a lot of the plotting. I don’t really see how the main story could have been effectively continued in a double episode, but this wasn’t the way.

But it’s still worth watching for fans of the series – fairly essential really for the opening scene, but maybe less so for the somewhat confusing final one – but don’t expect anything on a par with what has gone before. And it certainly won’t create any new fans. Recommended if you’ve liked what’s gone before, but it’s pretty missable really. Decent body count though…

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