Now We Are Six – My Sixth Blogiversary

now-we-are-sixWell, it’s my sixth blogiversary today – yes, In Search Of The Classic Mystery Novel first saw the light of day on 20th December 2010 and here we are six years later, 745 book reviews later and 283 other ramblings – TV reviews, Puzzlies, author interviews and even a few semi-intelligent musings.

So, rather than another attempt to get you to read Michael Jecks, Paul Doherty, Len Tyler et al (see what I did there), this is just a quick thank you to my fellow bloggers for all of their support, all of you readers out there who read what I write, anyone who retweets my posts into the wider interweb, my commenters, both occasional and regular, and those authors and publishers out there who I’ve been in touch with over the years for various reasons.

Stay tuned for more years of this nonsense – the immediate future holds a couple of new releases, a TV review, undoubtedly another John Rhode or three, some old favourite authors, Reading Bingo 2016, my review of the year and who knows what else? I certainly don’t…


  1. Hooray! Very impressive amount of time to stay committed to such a task. Reminds me of how much I am newbie to blogging. I’m also impressed by how your stock of Rhode novels never seems to end. You must have quite the stash.


  2. Happy Blogiversary! You’re just a little younger than me (I missed my own ‘versary back in the spring…). You’ve contributed mightily to the books added to the TBR pile over at the Block. Here’s to many more years!


  3. Hi Puzzle Doctor,yes well done for getting this far.I was getting a bit jaded with what I was reading, until I found your blog.I joined a book club at the library as well.Next year I’m going to introduce them to Bryant and May.Merry Christmas to you.


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