New John Rhode ebooks – A Plea For Help

John RhodeSome news for John Rhode fans and potential fans and also a bit of a plea for information. About a month ago, some cheap ebook versions of his books have appeared on Amazon. This isn’t a plug for the company producing them – NightHawk Books – but I thought readers might want to know, as, potentially, there could be more on the way.

The books in question are all Dr Priestley books, mostly published under their US titles. They are:

  • 2: Dr Priestley’s Quest ( only)
  • 18: The Robthorne Mystery ( only but not available to buy!)
  • 21: Murder At The Motor Show (a.k.a. Mystery At Olympia)
  • 24: In Face Of The Verdict (a.k.a. In The Face Of The Verdict)
  • 26: Death Sits On The Board ( only)
  • 27: Body Unidentified (a.k.a. Proceed With Caution)
  • 57: The Case Of The Forty Thieves (a.k.a. Death At The Inn) ( only)
  • 65: Death Of A Bridegroom
  • 67: Death Takes A Partner
  • 68: Licensed For Murder
  • 69: Murder At Derivale
  • 71: The Fatal Pool

I’m not sure what the logic behind these choices is – I can’t seem to find any presence on the internet for NightHawk Books apart from the Amazon listings – but the reason that I’ve added the numbers to the titles is because the covers for the books do this, implying that the plan is to issue a complete set of them. But with two books only available in Canada, one in the US and Canada and eight in all three marketplaces (and Robthorne nowhere), it seems an odd publishing plan. And to be honest, some of the choices are very strange, with a bulk from the end of the catalogue including the distinctly sub-par The Fatal Pool.

So, dear reader, do you know anything about NightHawk Books and what their plans are? I’d love to see a full set of John Rhode books being made available to everyone and I’d love to stop trawling eBay to keep filling the holes in my collection. So does anyone know anything about these?


  1. “..eight in all three marketplaces …”
    I presume you are referring to Canada, USA and UK market places.
    I just checked and find that these 8 ebooks are also available at, but not the remaining 4.


    • Now that is a very good point – a quick check confirms that every one of these are available (somewhat dubiously) on that website. Which does make me somewhat suspicious about this enterprise…


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