Happy New Year 2017

2017 is here! Plenty to look forward to in the year, obviously, and I thought I’d take this opportunity to wish all of my readers a Happy New Year! Let’s hope everyone starts making positive, thoughtful and far-sighted choices – that’d be nice, wouldn’t it?


Just a quick run-down of plans for the year – business as usual, basically. I’m going to try again with my resolution for last year of not buying any books, with the exception of anything from the pen of Cecil Street aka John Rhode aka Miles Burton, as my obsession continues, despite the best efforts of… no, we’ll leave that until next time.

I’m going to try and skew my blog a little more toward the Golden Age, in part due to a bit of a backlog of review copies of British Library and Dean St Press reissues, and in part due to an extremely generous Father Christmas. Lying at the top of my TBR list are:

  • The Bandaged Nude by Robert Finnegan (1949)
  • Spotted Hemlock by Gladys Mitchell (1958)
  • The Secret Vanguard by Michael Innes (1941)
  • The Case Of The Tudor Queen by Christopher Bush (1938)
  • The King And The Corpse by Max Murray (1949)
  • Docken Dead by John Trench (1954)

Those all came from my blogging Secret Santa, who was clearly very generous. Thank you, mystery benefactor!

Also on the list, courtesy of my sister-in-law:

  • The Shadow Falls by Georges Simenon (1945)
  • The Mystery Of The Peacock’s Eye by Brian Flynn (1928)
  • The Gollancz Detective Omnibus (1951) featuring:
    • The Moving Toyshop by Edmund Crispin (1946)
    • Appelby’s End by Michael Innes (1945)
    • Unnatural Death by Dorothy L Sayers (1927)

Plenty to keep me busy there, but you can also expect books from Winifred Peck, E R Punshon, John Bude, Freeman Wills Croft, and, just possibly, one or two from that Rhode chap.

Of course, there’ll be plenty of new releases as well – feel free to ask if you want me to take a look at something – along with more from the old favourites of the blog. Hope you enjoy it!


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