An Apology And A Bit Of A Quiz

So, an apology of sorts, before things get a little silly for the next few days.

First off, apologies for the blog going quiet for the past week or so. I know all of you, dear readers, hang on my every word, and hopefully, you’ve survived the week unscathed without my guidance. But I’ve been away in a beautiful National Trust cottage in the middle of nowhere in Wales with Mrs Puzzle Doctor with basically a big bunch of books for company. Oh, and the lady to the left, and some of her winged friends.

Second, apologies for the next few reviews being possibly a little briefer than usual as I may have read a few more books than usual – well, ten books in five days. And I forgot to take a notepad, so sorry if my reviews are less informative (ha!) than usual.

So, what’s coming up? Well, let’s have a bit of fun – there’s:

The Prophecy is obvious if you glance to the right, but who can guess the rest of the books before the reviews come up? If you want some clues, then there are some in my twitter feed recently (sent from the small windows of internet connectivity). No prizes, apart from a sense of smugness of getting them right…

OK, this one wasn’t taken at the cottage. Shame…


  1. 1. The Prophecy of Death
    2. The Chalice of Blood
    3. The Mermaid’s Scream
    4. Magpie Murders
    5. The Price of Silence
    6. The Madman’s Room
    7. The Crime Coast
    8. The Moai Island Puzzle
    9. ??
    10. The Norwich Victims


  2. “I may have read a few more books than usual – well, ten books in five days.”

    I would love to be able to do that. Would you consider doing a post in which you talk about your reading habits and how you balance keeping this blog updated regularly with your other interests and responsibilities? I’m lucky to read more than 10 pages a day, as it seems I’m distracted by everything. Maybe you have some tips and tricks that I could use. My summer (and yearly) reading list is not getting any shorter.


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