Chapter To Chapter – Fear And Trembling by Brian Flynn – Chapters 21 to 25

Right, we’re into the final stretch and, by George, I think I’ve got it. I think I know what’s going on here. Let’s see…

Chapter XXI Mr Bathurst Plays Two Aces

In which a revelation occurs which ties in to my theory, Bathurst makes another prediction that doesn’t fit my theory but when his prediction proves to be wrong (or possibly he was being deliberately obtuse for his police colleagues), my theory (or part-theory) is still on track. Fingers crossed… Oh, and plug number five, this time for “The Spiked Lion”.

Chapter XXII Diane Dines

Flynn does tend to draw out his conclusions as we’re teased with bits of the solution as Bathurst dines with the woman he seems to have fallen completely for. The story still feels like it’s moving forward though and doesn’t seem to be dragging, but I fear for Bathurst’s happy ending…

Chapter XXIII In The Villa St Marre

The trail leads to the South of France, as Bathurst and co up sticks and head to the continent on the hunt for a murderer. It’s basically an exercise in tension as we know who they’re looking for (and they find them) but it’s an unknown person or persons that are with them that they’re really after. Getting exciting now – am I right?

Chapter XXIV What Maud Masters Knew

In which the murderer is revealed (and I was right – yay!), Austin Kemble is delighted to have shown these “French johnnies” a thing or two and Bathurst’s personal life looks like it might take a direction that I wasn’t expecting. Very hard to comment on this chapter without spoilers, so moving on…

Chapter XXV The Bathurst Balancing

And so we come to the end of the tale where, as all good detectives do, Bathurst sits down with Inspector MacMorran and Austen Kemble and explains the plot. You’d think he’d have done this before dragging them over to France but no. Bathurst does admit to being a bit obtuse in Chapter XXI for no particularly good reason – well, it’s part of his “clever Bathurst, dumb policeman” act. While the mystery is more of a “one solution that fits the facts” story – although that does include overlooking some blooming odd behaviour from one party – rather than a fairly clued plot, but that’s fine for me. I put a lot of it together, but not quite everything. And we finish with the denouement to Bathurst’s romance – I’d check to see if it’s ever mentioned again but I leant Kate my copy of the next title, the wonderful Tread Softly. I’ll ask her to check.

So be back for one more shot at this book where I do a normal review of it and try and draw my thoughts together. Thanks for listening, if you made it this far.


  1. I’ll try my best to remember to look for any mentions of Bathurst related romance. Intrigued to give Flynn a go finally so hopefully won’t be too long before I get around to it. Advantages of a small TBR.

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