The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month – March 2019

Well, this will be the last Puzzly for a couple of months, due to the Flynn project – see my previous post. Just to clarify, as a couple of people got the wrong end of the stick, Dean Street Press were delighted at the opportunity to publish Flynn – they needed no persuading from me at all.

Right, March reading… eight books in total – actually ten, but haven’t got round to reviewing the others, not a bad haul for a busy teaching month. The books in question were:

The Strange Case Of Harriett Hall by Moray Dalton

Dean Street Press again with another rediscovered gem.

The Creeping Jenny Mystery by Brian Flynn

A classic country house mystery

The Mausoleum by David Mark

A change of pace for David Mark, an effective recent-historical thriller.

Murder Isn’t Cricket by E & M A Radford

Scientific detection from Dr Manson and, yes, Dean Street Press

The Wounded Snake by Fay Sampson

Enjoyable modern day cosy mystery.

The Case Of The Leaning Man by Christopher Bush

Another Ludovic Travers Mystery – not the strongest but still very enjoyable

Murder En Route by Brian Flynn

Strangling on the top of a double decker bus.

Death In Captivity by Michael Gilbert

Outstanding POW whodunit from the British Library

That’s the lot, so best of the bunch? Well, Death In Captivity is definitely a must read book, but, as will be a surprise to no one, I’m going Flynn this month. What can I say, I’m in a bit of a Flynn mood. While Murder En Route seems to have excited more people, I’m going to go with The Creeping Jenny Mystery aka The Crime At The Crossways, such a treat, a classic country house mystery done so well. And you know what? You can find out in six months time about how good it is too…


  1. Aww, I was hoping you’d choose MURDER EN ROUTE. I have CRIME AT THE CROSSWAYS and nearly beat you to it. I started it at the end of December, but something arrived in the mail while I was reading Flynn’s book and I put it aside in order to dig into the new arrival immediately. Then other books kept coming in the mail, both new and old, some reviewing assignments. Just found CROSSWAYS in a pile a few weeks ago. So it’s going in the “TBR for April” box now.


    • Well, arguably Creeping Jenny is a little better anyway, but the crux was that enough people seem to be already intrigued (and rightly so) with Murder En Route, so I thought I’d raise the status of the other one a little 😀 Hope you enjoy it.


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