Brian Flynn Cover Gallery

I thought it was about time to put together this resource – its the sort of thing that I’ve often looked for when writing blog posts on Brian Flynn. Having found more on the internet recently, and a lot more when visiting Brian’s grandchildren, here’s what I have with regard to Brian Flynn dustjackets. Oh, and a few are from my collection… All covers are UK first editions, unless otherwise stated. Any missing images, do get in touch. I would like this to be as complete as possible.

The Anthony Bathurst Mysteries

The Billiard Room Mystery  – UK first edition,  US  first  edition

Billiard 2

The Case Of The Black Twenty-Two – UK first edition, unknown editions

Black 22 2




The Mystery Of The Peacock’s Eye  – UK  first  edition

The Murders Near Mapleton (US Edition)

The Five Red Fingers (US edition and UK paperback) Invisible Death

The Creeping Jenny Mystery aka The Crime At The Crossways (US edition)

Murder En Route UK first edition, US first edition and UK paperback

Murder En Route (2)

The Orange Axe

The Triple Bite

Triple Bite

The Padded Door

Padded Door

The Edge Of Terror

The Spiked Lion – UK first edition, US first edition

Spiked Lion

The League Of Matthias

The Horn

The Case Of The Purple Calf aka The Ladder Of Death – US edition

The Sussex Cuckoo

Sussex Cuckoo

The Fortescue Candle

Fortescue Candle.jpg

Fear And Trembling aka The Somerset Murder


Tread Softly

Cold Evil

The Ebony Stag


Black Edged

The Case Of The Faithful Heart

The Case Of The Painted Ladies

They Never Came Back

Such Bright Disguises

Glittering Prizes

Reverse The Charges (UK hardback and paperback)

The Grim Maiden

The Case Of Elymas The Sorcerer

Conspiracy At Angel

The Sharp Quillet

Exit Sir John

The Swinging Death

Men For Pieces

Black Agent

Where There Was Smoke

And Cauldron Bubble

The Ring Of Innocent

The Seventh Sign

The Running Nun

Running Nun

Out Of The Dusk

Out Of The Dusk

The Feet Of Death

The Doll’s Done Dancing

The Shaking Spear

Shaking Spear

The Mirador Collection

The Toy Lamb

The Dice Are Dark


The Hands Of Justice

The Wife Who Disappeared (1957)

The Nine Cuts (1958)

The Saints Are Sinister

Non-Bathurst Titles

Tragedy At Trinket

Charles Wogan Titles

The Hangman’s Hands

The Horror at Warden Hall

Cyanide For The Chorister



  1. I love the dj for Where There Was Smoke. The Feet of Death, what a title. Kind of reminds me of She Had to Have Gas.

    If you need any scans of the American jackets, let me know!


  2. Hey, what’s up, Doc? I just wanted to thank you for getting Flynn reprinted, because I have been enjoying his work as of late. So far, I’ve only read a handful of them, but appreciate Flynn brought the same kind of ingenuity to his trademark (false-identity) trope as Bush and Carr did with the unbreakable alibi and impossible crime. My reviews won’t start appearing until early next month, but they’re in the pipeline and hope you realize what you have wrought (again)!


    • Flynn very much channelled Doyle’s version of how disguise works – i.e. even your friends and family won’t recognise you, but he does veer away from this trope quite quickly – I think it’s much rarer after the first ten or so books. There’s still a bundle that I still haven’t read though… I’m glad you’re enjoying what you’ve read so far – I’m obviously excited that we’ve managed to get the first ten reprinted. If they do well, there’s always the possibility that more may follow.


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