The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month – May 2019

It’s the end of May, and hopefully the blog will be back to normal next month, as I’ve finished the introductions to the October reissues of the first ten Brian Flynn titles, meaning that I can get on with reading other authors. I did manage a few other books this month, usually when I needed something to read that I was willing to leave the house with…

This month’s reads were:

Well, those were the new reads, and they’re perfectly fine, I guess. The best is the Bush title – the other two traditional mysteries leave too much motive to be revealed in the final chapters, the historical gets a bit too mystical at times and the thriller pulls off its twists too artificially for my tastes. Was the Bush title good enough for the Puzzly? Well, it’s good but let me think. Did I read anything else this month? Oh yes…

Hey, they count. Yes, they may hae been re-reads, but they count, and in my book, they’re all candidates for the Puzzly. Which one is the best? Tricky… well, I’ll say The Case Of The Black Twenty-Two, as it was so much better reading it in its full form rather than the abridged Cherry Tree Books version. So that’s taking the Puzzly for this month.

Right, as I said, normal service next month. Expect Peter Bartram and George Bellairs for starters, and I might get round to a rather odd film review that I’ve been mulling over for a few weeks…

Oh, if you need a non-mystery film recommendation, go and see Rocketman. Totally awesome…



  1. Rocket man is the first film on my summer vacation list, PD! Seeing it Monday, I think. And while I am NOT wishing the summer away, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on my first Brian Flynn in the fall! I look forward to meeting you in a few weeks!


  2. Yes, I believe it is A Knife For Harry Dodd.. I have also received a copy for review from Net Galley. My review will appear at Goodreads.


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