The World Cup Of Golden Age Mystery Writers – Round Three

Right, Round Two is over – time for Round Three.

First, though, a lesson for those of you who use WordPress and their polls – if too many people vote, you have to pay to get all the results! Didn’t realise that, but as I’ve started this, I’m determined to finish it. And finish it within a month so that I only have to pay once…

So what happened in Round Two? Well, the big winner was Dame Agatha, who slaughtered Patrick Quentin, gaining 94% of the vote. The other big winners with over 75% of their votes were Edmund Crispin (vs George Bellairs), Dorothy L Sayers (vs Patricia Wentworth), Anthony Berkeley (vs Anthony Boucher), Ngaio Marsh (vs Christopher St John Sprigg) and John Dickson Carr ( vs Leo Bruce).

Other ties were much closer, with Rex Stout just pipping Helen McCloy and E C R Lorac edging Nicholas Blake. The closest ties were Georgette Heyer vs Anthony Gilbert with Heyer winning by just six votes and the Freeman Wills Crofts vs Michael Innes where just three votes separated them – with Crofts coming out on top.

Special mention should go to Crofts and Cyril Hare who progress despite coming third in their groups, with Hare beating off Simenon by almost 2:1. Also, well done to Brian Flynn, taking a creditable 1/3 of the votes against Margery Allingham.

So, on to round two and there’s some heavyweight clashes already… Remember, vote for the authors who you enjoy reading the most. Poll closes on Wednesday at 6:00 pm


  1. For me only Tey versus Heyer was a challenge. I had no problem choosing a preference for the others. Really enjoying this so far even if the final two are inevitable. Thanks for doing this.


  2. Easy to do apart from the Tey Heyer thing. Ithink there is no doubt that Josephine Tey was technically the better writer, but as I suffer from an English sense of humour Georgette Heyer had to come first !


  3. The world cup has lost its charm with the authors I was rooting for: Gilbert and Innes losing in the previous round. That they were such close contests makes it all the more hard 😞

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