This Deadly Isle (2022) by Martin Edwards

Murder can strike anywhere, so it’s always useful to have a guide to where to find – or where to avoid – the homicidal hoodlums who committed such crimes. Admittedly they committed those crimes during the Golden Age of Crime Fiction, so unless you have a time machine and a way of walking into a book, you’re probably safe. Probably.

But just in case, Martin Edwards, author and expert of the Golden Age of Murder – see what I did there? – has collated this map, detailing the location of 51 classic crime novels with some background on each of them. From the Outer Hebrides to Inner London, from Cornwall to the Norfolk Coast, let this map take you on a tour of mystery and mayhem!

OK, so it’s a map. Not entirely sure how one reviews a map. It’s a handsome piece of work, the ideal present for the Golden Age enthusiast in your life (even if that’s you). The charm is in how it’s all put together and it’s the detail on the back of the map that makes it. There’s a nice mixture of reprinted and obscure titles, so some can be readily found and read and others will require hunting down. It’s a shame that whoever typeset it thought that Last Journey was a book by Sir John Magill as the titles are all in bold for all the other titles.

But that’s a niggle – as you’d expect from me – on an otherwise impressive piece of work. Yes, it’s brief, but it’s informative, interesting and very well packaged. The perfect gift (if you can’t find a first edition of The Mysterious Affair At Styles, that is).

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