A Patient Fury by Sarah Ward

Number 42, Cross Farm Lane was the home to Francesca and Peter Winson and their five year-old son, Charlie. Note the past tense, because one night, two of them are bludgeoned to death while the third hangs themselves as the house burns around them. Or so the evidence suggests.

DI Sadler is convinced, but DC Connie Childs, finally returned to the force after the trauma of a recent case (A Deadly Thaw) is less convinced by the obvious. She is certain the answer lies in the past, linked to the disappearance of Peter Winson’s first wife, but as she continues to step over the line, it’s not just her health and her life she is risking – it’s her career as well…

The first two books of this series are outstanding, real page-turners, populated with genuine characters acting like real human beings while solving an horrendous crime.  As with those books, the lead duties are shared between the police characters, DI Sadler and DC Childs, and a second character, this one being Julia Winson, the grown-up daughter of Peter Winson, someone living in fear of someone who seems to be following her.

It’s a great read, a piece of modern crime fiction that keeps you transfixed, wanting to read more and more and not wanting it to end. I expect that the ending may well divide some readers – I’m still in two minds about it – but I won’t go into why for fear of spoilers. In fact, I won’t detail much of the plot at all.

I would strongly recommend you read the first two books before this one – not that Sarah spoils the earlier books, it just gives a stronger sense of the characters, especially Connie. So after you read them, then this is Highly Recommended. Or just Recommended. I’ll let you know when I decide about the ending…

I received a copy from the author in exchange for a fair review. It is out in hardback today – the 7th September 2017 – and is out in ebook as well.


  1. This is on my library list. I loved the first two. Ward is such an assured writer. You sink into her work with a feeling of being in the hands of someone who knows how to write. (Not always the case by any means.) I hope I will be able to find a resolution in the ending.

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