The World Cup Of Golden Age Mystery Writers – The Final

Well, it had to come down to this – Agatha trounced Edmund Crispin in the first semi-final, and in the other, John Dickson Carr took over 60% of the votes seeing of Dorothy L Sayers. So the final is exactly what we all expected it to be – but can Carr upset the apple-cart and take first place? Remember, you’re not voting on contribution to the genre but which writer you enjoy reading the most.

Also, I was asked about a third-fourth place play-off but decided to do something a little different – a third to eighth place play-off. This should help counteract any luck of the draw in the first round. So a single vote out of the six runners-up…

This will run until Sunday noon, basically because I’m away for most of this week. One vote per person in each poll, so choose wisely…


  1. Can’t say I’m that fond of either, so bowing out of the vote. I just don’t get all this Christie worship, and Carr has never interested me enough to read more than a couple. Guess I never did well following the crowd!

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  2. The only GAD authors I really care about are Carr, Christie, Brand, and Berkeley, (and to a significantly lesser extent Queen), so I’m happy to see two of them battling out the top spot.


  3. Voted Carr for the win, and Tey for third-place. The vote for Tey is solely based on Daughter of Time.


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