2019 – Challenge Accepted!

Right, a quick post to kick off 2019, to see what’s ahead for the blog.

Same old stuff, really, I don’t plan a revolution where I suddenly start reviewing YA vampire romance fiction, just the usual stream of Golden Age and modern mystery novels.

One slight addition this year is for the first time in an age, I’m going to take on one of Bev’s challenges. Bev does a load of different reading challenges over at My Reader’s Block, but the one I’m going to accept – if I do more than one, I’ll lose track of what I’m doing – is entitled “Just The Facts, Ma’am”. It’s a reading challenge regarding the list below.

The rules can be viewed here – I’ll be doing the Golden Age challenge, aiming from Master Detective. I’ll be keeping track of my progress here, updating it (probably) every month. Wish me luck!

Progress so far:










  1. “I don’t plan a revolution where I suddenly start reviewing YA vampire romance fiction…” Shame, it could be a whole new direction for the blog, only joking. How does the challenge work? I assume that you don’t have to read every combination (a million books by my reckoning), which might be a bit much for you. It is interesting though and even glancing at it brings ideas to my head, for instance Gervase Fen for 1.1 assuming that the who is the detective rather than the victim or perpetrator. Anyway good luck and enjoy this tears reading.


  2. Yay! I’m so glad you’re joining us this year! (Are you sure you don’t want to try the Calendar of Crime as well? [she says in her most persuasive, “come to the dark side of challenge addiction” voice 🙂 ]


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