The Definitive Brian Flynn Bibliography

This isn’t a desperately exciting post – it’s more of a reference post for me – but I thought I’d put together a definitive order for Brian Flynn’s books. I know there’s a list on gadetection, but the order of quite a few of them is wrong (i.e. when the books were in the same year) – you’d almost think that nobody else cares. For reference, this is compiled from information compiled by his agent and original publication dates. Oh, one other thing – there are three books missing from the original list. Actually, that is rather exciting now that I think about it…

I have just discovered that Brian Flynn had a pseudonym, Charles Wogan, and wrote three titles under that name, all published by John Long, as were all of his books bar the first five and Tragedy At Trinket. More on these on the blog soon.

Anyway, the order of publication is as follows:

The Anthony Bathurst Mysteries

* This is slightly odd, as The Five Red Fingers is the first book published by John Long, while Invisible Death was the last title published by John Hamilton. Despite this, and the fact that the first edition of The Five Red Fingers refers to Flynn as the author of “The Silver Troika”, presumably an early title for Invisible Death, the events of The Five Red Fingers are referred to in Invisible Death. Hence the order as presented above is correct, both in publication date and in the order the books take place.


  • Tragedy At Trinket (1934)

Writing As Charles Wogan


  1. With every new post involving Flynn I grow more and more excited for the coming reprints ( I already have several titles that I’ll be picking up as soon as they come out!). Excellent work on your part, and those stories published under a pseudonym probably have a fascinating story behind them that I can’t wait to read! 🙂

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  2. For he interest of the readers , I reproduce below the paragraph on Brian Flynn in Sutherland Scott’s book “Blood In Their Ink” (chapter 2):

    “Brian Flynn, another author associated with this period, has long been popular.The Mystery Of The Peacock’s Eye , which contains one of the ablest pieces of misdirection one could wish to meet, is in many ways his finest novel.The Orange Axe and The Padded Door, both of which belong in essence to this period, are also to be recommended. Mr. Flynn, who is still writing as well as ever, has many novels to his credit. His detective, Anthony Bathurst, is a pleasant fellow free from tantalizing mannerisms, yet by no means lacking in personality.”

    Scott’s book was published in 1953.From what he writes, it seems Brian Flynn was popular at that time.

    The only other reference to Brian Flynn in Scott’s book is in chapter 6, but it is a spoiler ! He lists 4 books ( authors being Ellery Queen, Brian Flynn, Edmund Crispin, Agatha Christie) in which…..(spoiler)…..


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