Just The Facts, Ma’am: Challenge Completed

Well, there were times when I thought I wasn’t going to complete this challenge. It was set by Bev over at My Reader’s Block (amid many others) and I’d seen a few blogging chum give it a go in previous years, so I thought I’d try it this year. It would involve reading sixty Golden Age mysteries over the course of a year. How hard could that be?

Well, it started well, but after a while, it did become harder to tick certain boxes. Even simple things like some of the murder methods in HOW became hard to tick. But with Inspector French And The Starvel Tragedy, I finally managed to tick the last box.

So, here are my results, along, with no good reason, my favourite title from each category in pictorial form.







When Bev puts her summary page up, I put a link to it here so you can see what my fellow bloggers have been reading. In the meantime, thanks to Bev for putting this challenge together – loads of fun and I’ve read a number of books that I wouldn’t normally have, some of which were rather good…


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